AAG awards Hispanic & Latino New Orleans the 2015 J.B. Jackson Prize

We are delighted that our book Hispanic and Latino New Orleans: Immigration and Identity since the Eighteenth Century has been awarded the J.B. Jackson Book Prize for 2015 by the American Association of Geographers.

From the AAG press release:

The John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize is awarded to a serious but popular book about the human geography of the contemporary United States that conveys the insights of professional geography in language that is interesting and attractive to a lay audience.

This year’s winner is Hispanic and Latino New Orleans: Immigration and Identity since the Eighteenth Century by Andrew Sluyter, Case Watkins, James P. Chaney, and Annie M. Gibson. It was published in 2015 by Louisiana State University Press.

The four authors of this book seamlessly combined their expertise and varied perspectives to produce a well-written account of a little-known aspect of New Orleans’ cultural and historical geography. Thanks to their careful study of census records, archival research, interviews, and other sources, we now know that Hispanic and Latino individuals and communities have been part of the city throughout its history. Previous assumptions about the basic similarities of Latino and Hispanic immigrants become much more nuanced in this study, as the authors explain the diversity of Spanish-speaking immigrants from Mexico, Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean – people who made distinct impressions on their respective neighborhoods and contributions to the city’s rich culture. These immigrants’ experiences also varied significantly depending on many factors, not least when they came. The book also contributes to the emerging literature on Hispanics in the South and the cultural diversity of Hispanic and Latino immigration from the period of early European contact up to the present.

For more see LSU Press:


See the companion websites at: https://sites.google.com/site/nolalatinobook/
y la version española: https://sites.google.com/site/nolalatinobookespanol/

Author: Case Watkins

Case Watkins is a cultural and environmental geographer and Assistant Professor in the Department of Justice Studies at James Madison University. Dr. Watkins studies long-term relationships between societies and environments, especially the political ecologies and environmental histories of the African diaspora.

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